Too beautiful to be true? Konrad Paul Liessmann, Kia Vahland and Klaus Albrecht Schröder in conversation

For centuries, art has been regarded as the epitome of beauty, if not beauty itself. And yet a number of today’s artists seem to be suffering from a kind of “callophobia” – fear of beauty: perish the thought that their work should be seen as merely decorative! But even contemporary artists have to grapple with the notion of beauty in some form, be it in a criticism of advertising, media and popular beauty standards or as a provocation, in a conscious turn to the supposedly ugly.
In a conversation titled “Zu schön, um wahr zu sein? Schönheit, Schein und das Wahre in der Kunst,” culture editor Kia Vahland of the “Süddeut­sche” newspaper speaks with philosopher Konrad Paul Liessmann and Albertina Director Klaus Albrecht Schröder about the idea and purpose of beauty in art.

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