Living On | In Other Words on Living

The term ‘anthropocene’ was coined some time ago to denote a new geochronological era in which man has become a determining factor in biological, geological and atmospheric processes on earth. Referencing Jacques Derrida’s essay “Learning to Live Finally,” the research project “Living On | In Other Words on Living” is a critical approach to this topic in three chapters, using afro-futuristic, feminist, literary and media-archaeological images and highlighting the economical, social and historical aspects of narratives about the end of the world. How do experiences, images and people continue to live after the end of an era which they feel is the end of time? Are there any forms of expression beyond controlled historiography that allow us to exist after and beyond such historic events? Based on landscape views from Brazil, Upper Mesopotamia, Austria and Kuwait, the artists in the exhibition address the remembrance of genocide, massacre and delocalization, as well as the associated economization and experience of landscape or nature. Historical parallels between colonialism as a project of the modern era and its continuation in the form of climate and environment politics in the Global South (cf. Bruno Latour’s concept of “diplomacy”) will be illustrated by showing Thomas Ender’s watercolors from Brazil, indige­nous material culture as aesthetic production, and in dialogues about artworks.

Curated by: Delal Isci and Thiago de Paula Souza

Artists: Lorenz Helfer, Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, Clara Ianni & Clara Ianni in collaboration with Débora Maria da Silva, Monira Al Qadiri, Juliana dos Santos, and others

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