Video by Darja Bajagić

One part of Anna-Sophie Berger’s exhibition at mumok is the screening of a film by artist Darja Bajagic´ . She was born in Podgorica, Montenegro, in 1990, and now lives and works in New York. Her art addresses controversial issues such as sexual power relations, censorship, authorship and identity. She works with images of the supposedly dark, underground world of porn stars, serial killers and goths. Bajagic´ ’s artistic practice compels viewers to face social taboos and understand them to be part of their own cultural identity. Anna-Sophie Berger: “I find it particularly interesting how Darja Bajagic´ works with images in different media, which seem familiar and easy to classify at first sight, but then turn out to be complex codes with a psychological dimension. Especially her recent video works complicate the relation between images or signs and personal, narrative structures.”

mumok cinema

  • Only suitable for persons of 18 years and older

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