Site-specific installation: KUCSKO: The Beauty of Intellectual Property

When we admire an artwork, what we actually admire is intellectual property, i.e. its creator’s intellectual and creative achievement. What is the idea of intellectual property? How do we handle creativity, how do we protect it, and which liberties do we take in exploiting it? How important is the physical realization of an artwork? What role do curators, gallerists, agents, collectors and commissioners play? Does their role make them co-creators, to some extent?
Kucsko is an artist and lawyer. He teaches intellectual property law at the University of Vienna and deals with the subject in the form of site-specific video installations.
On the occasion of VIENNA ART WEEK, Kucsko has developed an installation in situ on the beauty of art as intellectual property, curated by Marcello Farabegoli in the city center.

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