Performative space installation: Found Beauty

Thomas More, Utopia

Our time is determined by sequences of immediacies, which somehow have to be digested. We are all very busy with that – up to a point where the present can only be understood in retrospective. On the other hand we constantly bet on the future – if one or the other criteria would be fulfilled, we assume that we would have a higher chance that the one or the other thing could actually become real. Unfortunately in most of the cases - it just doesn't happen.

What is needed are Visions which go beyond bets and desires which make the impossible possible.
„Found Beauty“ commemorates the times of big utopias and takes on a musical path in order to fulfill these desires. In an open working process the strategies, methods, sources and consequences of big desires and visions will not only be researched – but put into place.
As song will be written, played, recorded and a video will be shot. Hearts will open. eyes will sparkle. It will be uncanny. People will wonder, dream and let go. It will be utopian.

During the Vienna Art Week - on 5 evenings (mo – fr) - daily between 18h and 22h) – we work on putting our biggest desires into practice. The only thing you need to bring are your visions. We take care about making them real.

“Found Beauty“ is a projekt of Gerald Straub and Raumteiler
14 – 18 Nov. daily from 18h – 22h

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