Eyes On talk: This Beast Called Beauty

How does contemporary photography deal with the subject of beauty? Which notion of beauty is even relevant in art anymore, or is already out of date? How is photography as a medium used to critique the prevailing concept of beauty?

In a discussion titled “This Beast Called Beauty,” we tackle this fractious concept of beauty – a concept that is as difficult to grasp in art history and philosophy as it is in artistic and social practice. Not only are we faced with a wildly diverse array of theoretical positions, aesthetics and artistic practices, but recourse to the dominant concept of beauty found in product advertising, brand communication and fashion photography is anything but uniform.
This talk negotiates “Seeking Beauty,” the motto of this year’s VIENNA ART WEEK, with concrete art photography projects shown as part of “Eyes On – Month of Photography Vienna.” Various approaches to nude photography from the “Nu Nudes” exhibition curated by Elsa Okazaki (text: Magdalena Vukovic´ ) stand in dialogue with the taboo- and sexual fantasy-charged tension of photographer Ursula Röck’s project “Palms & Penguins.” Christiane Peschek and Gianmaria Gava’s work “Extended Landscapes / Temporary Promises” reflects mechanisms of perception and memory, while the project “Wieso?” by photographers Gerlinde Gorla and Gabriele Koch deconstructs the unreality of fashion photographs through their meticulous re-enactment.

Panelists: Gabriela Koch, Christiane Peschek, Ursula Röck, Magdalena Vukovic´
Moderation: Andreas J. Hirsch

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