Exhibitions: Francis Alÿs and Avery Singer

Francis Alÿs
18 Nov. 2016–22 Jan. 2017

Alÿs transforms simple actions in the public sphere into symbolic political and poetical gestures that broach issues such as national boundaries, social inequality, or intra-communal conflict. His actions and performances often spawn a range of associated works and media.
His show at the Secession includes “Le Temps du Sommeil,” a series of small-sized paintings which have been continuously reworked since 1995 and reflect his ideas and the development of his œuvre in recent decades.

Avery Singer
18 Nov. 2016–22 Jan. 2017

The Secession presents the work of young American painter Avery Singer, whose art effortlessly integrates references to art history and contemporaneity with an exploration of the underpinnings and mechanisms of digital media.
Singer’s large-format pictures bristle with elaborate formal and semantic contradiction. Her motifs often highlight the processes of banalization that we associate with the stereotypes of the art scene and that make artistic careers appear as nostalgic, commercially constructed fantasies: ritualized behavior during studio visits, conventions
of exhibition-making, the premises of Singer’s own art production, happenings and parties …

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