Eva Schlegel searches the MAK Collection for most beautiful things

Often art is less about producing beauty than finding it. Whether this means actively looking for it or a beauty that simply catches the eye on its own is anyone’s guess. Applied art objects seem to call on us to acknowledge the idea of loveliness in gestures of everyday life and to cultivate it beyond that. Beauty, in its obviousness, often appears immune to questions of relevance, and artistic discourses often sideline it in favor of object functionality or content. And yet we do see an interest in the concrete and often superficial practicality of pleasure, especially in art. But where does this pleasure stand relative to the apparent logic of object use? Beauty, unlike the material nature of surfaces, is not an object property or characteristic; it is a subjectively-rendered judgment.
MAK is inviting four contemporary artists and its visitors to search the MAK Collection for “beautiful things.” In a series of 45-minute tours led and moderated by Janina Falkner from the MAK Collection of Contemporary Art, Constantin Luser, Eva Schlegel and Sofie Thorsen will highlight specific objects and speak about their individual approaches, various perspectives on beauty, and its significance for their specific artistic practice.

Meeting place: MAK Columned Main Hall

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