A romANTIc evening - seeking beauty in Margareten

Renovations to the Künstlerhaus building on Karlsplatz prompted a lengthy search for an exhibition venue to use in the meantime. Now that S IMMO AG has given the Künstlerhaus access to the building on Siebenbrunnengasse 19–21, the institution has found an exciting and charming place to exhibit work over the next two years.

As part of the opening exhibition “romANTIc? – Our technological society needs Romanticism!” in the old Altmann knitwear factory in Margareten, artists will hold an open discussion about the existence of romanticism with guests from various generations. This evening of presentations, storytelling and performance will address the ambivalence between our longing to trust our feelings and intuition while at the same time mistrusting them. We will explore the dynamic interplay between a technology-saturated present and an era of dreaming big and feeling with all the senses, asking the question of how a visual language of “big emotions” might look today – an invitation to a sensory or entirely pragmatic encounter. What significance does Romanticism hold for us in the 21st century? Beauty notwithstanding – how much does it have to have? And, can Romanticism be beautiful, can it be too beautiful, can it be ugly?

Participating artists: Peer Bach, Stella Bach, Sibylle Gieselmann, Gerald Holzer, Ursula Hübner, Matthias Lautner, Gert Linke, Claudia Maria Luenig, Nemanja Nikolic´ , Karin Pliem, Helmut Pokornig, Kurt Stranitzky Curators: Stella Bach, Claudia Maria Luenig

In German and English

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