departure tour - architecture, footwear, and fashion

This year’s “departure tour” by the Vienna Business Agency is a tour of the realms of architecture and fashion. Designers open the doors of their studios, offices and galleries to offer the public a glimpse of their work and design processes. The manager of the Vienna Business Agency’s creative center departure, Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör, will join in.

AllesWirdGut, an international architecture firm based in Vienna and Munich, was founded in 1999 by Andreas Marth, Friedrich Passler, Herwig Spiegl and Christian Waldner. The group sees the anticipation of future working and living space scenarios as part of what is required of emerging architecture today. With this aim in mind they collaborate with experts from other disciplines, including scientists and artists. For the design of the extremely successful magdas Hotel for Caritas Vienna in 2015, AllesWirdGut addressed a highly topical real-life scenario: they took up the issue of migration and combined it with the upcycling concept. The result was a prize-winning, internationally recognized architectural project.

Vienna master workshop VON MORGEN has been producing modern bespoke shoes since 2014 using traditional methods – a fine example of long-lasting, uncom­promising quality craftsmanship. At the same time the makers of VON MORGEN, Nicole Üblacker and Thomas Licht, are setting new standards in sustainable footwear, created entirely from organic leather and 100% by hand: a revolutionary soling technique makes it possible to repair the inside of the shoe without having to take it all apart, or to replace sections that are still in good order. The shoes are produced and presented in their charming workshop located on Karmelitermarkt in Vienna’s second district. Those with a keen interest in handcraft can watch them being made – an opportunity to learn more about shoes by VON MORGEN and feel their quality first-hand.

The FEMME MAISON fashion label was founded in 2012 by fashion designer Franziska Fürpass and visual artist Sia Kermani. They draw inspiration for their collections from the works of French-American artist Louise Bourgeois, among other things. This is reflected, above all, in the Vienna label’s eagerness to experiment and their affinity for sculpture. Fashion designer Franziska Fürpass describes her work for FEMME MAISON: “Our body is influenced by our life. And yet it is more than just the sum of its parts. Ultimately, we too are more than the sum of our experiences. We can all be shaped as easily as wax.”

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