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Teresa Mar, The Wanderer, 2015

A convex projection turns concave. In reminiscence of a photographic process, the interior space shines resplendent before the viewers’ very eyes. Light projections come to life through the influx of energy. Light is the medium of Teresa Mar’s visual language.
City-, space- and projected images are based on a grid that memorizes various types of information. The artist seeks to build a bridge between the object planes of the city, space, motif, and image. Her work is a subtle play with our concepts of idea, matter, image and reflection. Static objects come alive, as it were, transform themselves and appear translucent. Sequences are image details extracted from the artwork to become images of their own. Teresa Mar’s digital images are a laid-back response to today’s flood of pictures: she extracts visual messages from the current imagery to further develop them.
Opening: Wed., 16 Nov. 2016, 7:00 pm

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