Audio-visual installation: Fleece Art Fair

Peter Schaflechner

Visual art meets music. Founded in 2011, “Das graue b” has so far approached collaboration between visual art and music in a variety of ways in audio-visual Gesamtkunstwerke. The artist collective employs interdisciplinary cooperation to investigate different versions of interaction, thus moving into new artistic territory aimed at a home-made fusion of the arts.
In their current show “FLEECE ART FAIR,” fleece as a material serves as a basis for a space-consuming, audio-visual installation. The artists experiment with acoustic effect, at the same time examining the concept of a virtually mechanical serial production of works. The fleece formats are manufactured by piecework, raising questions about uniqueness and the collective and individual significance of each individual item.

Opening hours during VIENNA ART WEEK:
Wed.–Sun. 3:00–7:00 pm

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