Open Studio Day

Saturday, 19 November 2016
1:00–6:00 pm

Saturday, 19 November 2016, 1:00–6:00 pm
Artists open their studios to the public

Open Studio Day offers art lovers a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of art production and speak with Vienna-based artists in the creative atmosphere of their studios. Around 70 artists selected by Anne Faucheret, curator at Kunsthalle Wien, Walter Seidl, curator e.g. of “Kontakt. The Art Collection of Erste Group and ERSTE Foundation,” and Eva-Maria Stadler from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna will keep their studios open for visitors on Saturday, 19 November 2016, from 1:00 to 6:00 pm.

Those who prefer to visit artist workshops in company can do so by joining renowned art experts on a Guided Open Studio Day Tour of selected studios. The Open Studio Day program is rounded off by numerous events in the studios, including artist talks and readings, screenings and performances, as well as hands-on workshops and participatory performances.



1010 Vienna
Catharina Bond
Maysedergasse 2/28

Project “Deine Seite, meine Seite – Arbeiten im Gemeinschaftsatelier” Two artists with different methods juxtapose their practices in a shared studio. The spatial proximity engenders connections, symbioses and surprising insights into their individual works. On the occasion of VIENNA ART WEEK 2016 the artists co-produced new works with a focus on the subject of shared workspace.
Veronika Dirnhofer
Maysedergasse 2/28

Catalog presentation Painter Veronika Dirnhofer presents her new catalog and gives an insight into her working method, which is based on the studio as a place of experiment: “I start losing interest in an artwork the moment it leaves the studio; and I’ve lost it completely by the time the artistic process has stopped.”
Hilde Fuchs
Maysedergasse 2/28

Project “DAS PRINZIP FUNDUS” “As an artist I do a lot of research, which is why my projects are often based on elaborate concepts that include comprehensive research and preparatory measures. My approach is scientific in that I use experiments to test my hypotheses. However, unlike natural scientists I also apply methods and materials that are not (yet) ‘verified’; after all, my work is not so much about rationally provable evidence than about research into, and visualization of, aesthetic potential. It includes spatial, video and object installations, text and sound art, art in public space and, since 2001, experimental performances, as well as sociograms based on body dynamics. On the occasion of VIENNA ART WEEK, I declare my studio to be a collection depot and archive of works: DAS PRINZIP FUNDUS, quite literally, is the ‘principle of found things.’ It is the common theme of many of my art projects, for instance when I wear found clothes working in the public space, or when I use found objects like a vintage sofa from the 1970s to furnish my studio. True to the motto ‘I is another” (as Arthur didn’t say), I embark in my installation performance on a quest of aspects of my own identity in the found Other.” Hilde Fuchs
Julia Gaisbacher
Maysedergasse 2/28

Project “Deine Seite, meine Seite – Arbeiten im Gemeinschaftsatelier” Two artists with different methods juxtapose their practices in a shared studio. The spatial proximity engenders connections, symbioses and surprising insights into their individual works. On the occasion of VIENNA ART WEEK 2016 the artists co-produced new works with a focus on the subject of shared workspace.
Elke Silvia Krystufek
A.E. Köchert, Neuer Markt 15

Exhibition / installation A master painter, sculptor and draughtswoman herself, Elke Silvia Krystufek has picked for Open Studio Day a venue that represents craftsmanship par excellence – traditional jeweler A.E. Köchert on Hoher Markt in Vienna’s 1st district. The exhibition includes the first presentation in Austria of a ring designed by Krystufek and produced by Köchert, as well as an installation of showcases specially arranged for the exclusive setting. Former coproductions with jeweler A.E. Köchert such as the “Equilibrium” ring (“Fingerhackelehering”) designed for MAK in 2006 or the “Feuerwerk” ring designed for Köchert’s 200th anniversary in 2014 will be juxtaposed with drawings of as-yet-unrealized jewels.
Beat Lehner
Franziskanerplatz 4
Pop-up Atelier
Constantin Luser
Schönlaterngasse 7A

Collective sculpture for visitors to solder on according to their whim and individual fine-motor skills.
Lisl Ponger
Dorotheergasse 12/1
Galerie Charim

Film screening Galerie Charim, Dorotheergasse 12/1, 1010 Vienna

Florian Raditsch
Franziskanerplatz 4
Pop-up Atelier

1020 Vienna
Ricarda Denzer
Obere Donaustraße 97–99/1/63
Judith Huemer
Novaragasse 17/22
Ronald Kodritsch
Große Mohrengasse 23
Hans Kupelwieser
Meiereistraße 3
Johannes Porsch
Obere Donaustraße 59/2/18
Hans Scheirl
Meiereistraße 3
Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber
Glockengasse 6/1

Shop window “Wandzeitung”: “The chemicals between us” Script for an 18-scene piece about photography – Ruth Horak and Claudia Rohrauer
transparadiso (Barbara Holub / PaulRajakovics)
Große Mohrengasse 34/3

Artist talk with Portuguese curator Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro 4:00 pm
Tanja Widmann
Obere Donaustraße 59/2/18

1030 Vienna
Simon Iurino
Hafengasse 13

Artist talk 2:30 pm Freelance curator Victoria Dejaco talks to artist Simon Iurino about the blurring boundaries of art (Theodor Adorno, 1967), exemplified by Iurino’s works, which meander between walk-in sculpture, sculptural architecture, display, and design. The history of a location can affect the form or material of the object, the title can delineate its concept, external circumstances determine its aesthetics and requirements. An analysis of overlapping categories and their interaction gives an insight into the artist’s methods and thinking processes.
Lone Haugaard Madsen
Boerhaavegasse 23/1

1040 Vienna

1050 Vienna
Sofia Goscinski
Obere Amtshausgasse 27

1060 Vienna
Abdul Sharif Baruwa
Turmburggasse 5/13
Elisabeth Gabriel & Daryoush Asgar
Gumpendorfer Straße 15/2
Manfred Grübl
Bürgerspitalgasse 18/11
Milan Mijalkovic
Köstlergasse 4, Souterrain
Im Kollektiv

Cäcilia Brown
Schmalzhofgasse 14

1070 Vienna
Theresa Eipeldauer
Neustiftgasse 77
Sebastian Koch
Neustiftgasse 77
Tobias Pilz
Neustiftgasse 77
Miriam Bajtala
Westbahnstraße 27–29/7
Förderateliers des Bundes
Gilbert Bretterbauer
Bandgasse 34/29d
Veronika Burger / Christina Werner
Lindengasse 61–63/2/14

Genius femininus 5:00 pm The myth of the artist as genius is still alive today: artists are seen as subjects living in isolation, as lone wolfs who supposedly produce great creations. But what is the life and work of an artist like in reality? What practices do artists employ to produce art, in what practices does their agency manifest itself? Who are their mythological guardian spirits? In ancient Rome, the term genius also denoted the protecting power of a collective. In cooperation with Katharina Brandl (Sorority), Christina Werner and Veronika Burger invite their artistic and curatorial networks to discuss mutual support, artistic exchange, and their personal artistic methods on Open Studio Day. Guests: Renate Bertlmann, Nicole Sabella, Hemma Schmutz Screenings & drinks 1:00–6:00 pm
Eva Chytilek
Westbahnstraße 27–29/9
Förderateliers des Bundes

Guided tour Tue., 15 Nov. 2016, 5:00 pm Stock exchange building on Schottenring 16, 1010 Vienna The “Artstripe” exhibition series ( is an art intervention curated by Liquid Frontiers: every year, a new artist displays his or her work on a 37-meter-long “art stripe” in the Accenture office on the top floor of Vienna’s stock exchange building. Join Eva Chytilek on a guided tour of her “Artstripe no. 15.” Registration is requested: E Guided tour Wed., 16 Nov. 2016, 5:00 pm mumok, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
 Artists Eva Chytilek and Jakob Neulinger guide a special tour, offering their own perspectives of the exhibition “We Pioneers. Trailblazers of Postwar Modernism.” Entrance is free.
Lukas Janitsch
Stuckgasse 11
Zenita Komad
Stuckgasse 11
Moussa Kone
Stuckgasse 11
Roberta Lima
Westbahnstraße 27–29/5
Förderateliers des Bundes
Anja Manfredi
Westbahnstraße 27–29/6
Förderateliers des Bundes
Peter Sandbichler
Westbahnstraße 26/2/4a
Liddy Scheffknecht
Westbahnstraße 27–29/3
Förderateliers des Bundes

1080 Vienna
Johann Karner
Blindengasse 36/2
Sissa Micheli
Albertgasse 4/9

Exhibition “On the Process of Shaping an Idea into Form through Mental Modeling” as part of “eyes on – Month of Photography Vienna” 4 Nov.– 9 Dec. 2016 Bildraum 01, Strauchgasse 2, 1010 Vienna

1090 Vienna
Antonella Anselmo
Glasergasse 4a

“Filling a space in a beautiful way” The title is a reference to Georgia O’Keeffe’s ambiguous phrase “Filling a space in a beautiful way – that is what art means to me.” But how much beauty is acceptable in an artwork? That’s open for dispute. The show includes portraits and fragments of faces that merge and form a new homogeneity, as well as landscapes that defy concrete execution.
Marc-Alexandre Dumoulin
Löblichgasse 8

Cake and coffee
Wolfgang Pavlik
Glasergasse 4a
Anna Zwingl
Rotenlöwengasse 16/1–2

1100 Vienna
Annja Krautgasser
Karmarschgasse 53/2/54

1110 Vienna
Krõõt Juurak
Eisteichstraße 7/18

In conversation A casual conversation about performances for animals, autodomestication, bad mood and intra-institutional conflicts.
Lena Lapschina
Guglgasse 12
Music City Gasometer

Several attempted screenings [which, however, are doomed to fail due to insufficiencies of the system …]

1120 Vienna
Gillian Brett
Korbergasse 15
studio das weisse haus

Presentation of the book “Son of the Velvet Rat. Songs #2” (Schlebrügge.Editor) Presentation of the book “Der schwierige Raum” (Schlebrügge.Editor) Introduction to the history of “Boucherouite” rugs Weaving the “Boucherouite” project “Der gesteuerte Zufall”
Flora Galowitz
Tichtelgasse 10/13–14
Caroline Heider
Hetzendorfer Straße 43–45/R1

Preview “WHITE PAPER MUSEUM” The WHITE PAPER MUSEUM is an exhibition format designed by artists for publishing and exchanging views on art and making it accessible. The project will be presented on Open Studio Day, with a number of White Paper Boxes on show. LIVE. In LIVE-SIZE. Registration is requested:
Stefanie Winter & SALON HYBRID
Rauchgasse 40

Performative Installation “M.I.S.S. ? MY INTERN(ATION)AL SPACE STATION” Stephanie Winter and SALON HYBRID’s new project: the next episode of the performative installation series “PARAPRAXIS” involves a gradual transformation of a former key factory in Vienna’s 12th district into the M.I.S.S. space station. In terms of content design, the venue alludes to the aesthetics of sci-fi movies as it mutates from art production site into a performative course, walk-in movie set, and experimental lab.
Aichholzgasse 51-53

1150 Vienna
Albert Mayr / Hans Weigand - ATTENTION cancelled
Märzstraße 111/1A

Sound installations and talk 11:00 am Visual and acoustic presentations of recent projects. Plus: artists Albert Mayr and Hans Weigand in a conversation with Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein.
Fabian Seiz
Holochergasse 45

No doorbell! Please call: T +43 699 1201 77 40

Ellen Semen
Braunhirschengasse 24/14
Salon Braunhirschen

“schön befremdlich” – new paintings 12:00 noon–6:00 pm Discussion with art historian Simone Christl 5:00 pm Salon Braunhirschen, Braunhirschengasse 24/14, 1150 Vienna
Arnold Reinthaler
Loeschenkohlgasse 12

1160 Vienna
Ana Hoffner und Katrin Hornek
Lorenz-Mandl-Gasse 33

Bar talks between Ana Hoffner and Katrin Hornek 5:00 pm
Franz Kapfer
Koppstraße 55
Ecke Hyrtlgasse
Michail Michailov
Habichergasse 30/35
Linda Reif
Fröbelgasse 8/16–18

1170 Vienna
Bernhard Hosa
Wattgasse 56–60
Förderateliers des Bundes
Moni K. Huber
Wattgasse 56–60
Förderateliers des Bundes
Michael Kargl
Wattgasse 56–60
Förderateliers des Bundes
Florian Schmeiser
Wattgasse 56–60
Förderateliers des Bundes
Sabine Schwaighofer
Wattgasse 56–60
Förderateliers des Bundes

Exhibition series “double-portrait ‘’” in cooperation with Martina Mina The series “double-portrait ‘’” by Sabine Schwaighofer and Martina Mina ( combines the two photo artists’ skills in staging self-portraits, portraits and still lives. The works on show include reinterpretations of photographs of couples in a relationship and the artists’ self-portraits.
Barbara Sturm
Wattgasse 56–60
Förderateliers des Bundes
Paul Wagner
Wattgasse 56–60
Förderateliers des Bundes

Exhibition “Vernis de printemps” Karina Bruckner – Markus Sulzbacher – Paul Wagner Opening: 1:00–6:00 pm 15–18 Nov. 2016, daily 6:00–7:00 pm

Letizia Werth
Wattgasse 56–60
Förderateliers des Bundes

New drawings and installations Letizia Werth shows new drawings and installations in her studio. Many of her works are inspired by an extensive archive of anonymous photographs collected at flee markets over the years. To cope with the ubiquitous flood of images, the artist pauses, observes, and transforms them into painted pictures or photographic objects.
Eva Würdinger
Wattgasse 56–60
Förderateliers des Bundes

Presentation On Open Studio Day Eva Würdinger presents the results of her multi-week project “Flut,” coproduced by Markus Gradwohl, in a publication and exhibition. The two artists examine the constitution of spaces through social processes and the documentary power of photography. Würdinger’s photographs feature architecture and urban landscapes which seem likely to be overseen. Markus Gradwohl’s picture series deal with the interface between society and nature. In this project, Würdinger continues a series that revolves around various artistic practices and the studio as space of interaction.

1180 Vienna
Theresiengasse 20–24

Eva Engelbert, Anna Hofbauer, Juri Schaden, Hannah Fink, Fabian Fink, Tomash Schoiswohl und Johann Schoiswohl The studio collective Insolar consists of Eva Engelbert, Anna Hofbauer, Juri Schaden, Hannah Fink, Fabian Fink, Tomash Schoiswohl and Johann Schoiswohl.

1200 Vienna
Clemens Stecher
Donaueschingenstraße 30/11/DG

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