genius femininus: talk with Renate Bertlmann, Nicole Sabella, Hemma Schmutz

The myth of the artist as genius is still alive today: artists are seen as subjects living in isolation, as lone wolfs who supposedly produce great creations. But what is the life and work of an artist like in reality? What practices do artists employ to produce art, in what practices does their agency manifest itself? Who are their mythological guardian spirits? In ancient Rome, the term genius also denoted the protecting power of a collective. In cooperation with Katharina Brandl (Sorority), Christina Werner and Veronika Burger invite their artistic and curatorial networks to discuss mutual support, artistic exchange, and their personal artistic methods on Open Studio Day.
Guests: Renate Bertlmann, Nicole Sabella, Hemma Schmutz
Screenings & drinks
1:00–6:00 pm

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